Custom Wood ~ Obstacles
Some of the products being offered:

**  Obstacles for Trail Courses

     Eased Edges, dog-eared/beveled tops, sanded, 
     primed, painted or stained included in the cost.

**  Additional charge for second and third color,

     colored strips, logos or artwork.

Currently, allow 4 - 6 weeks for completion. Delivery may be available.


  • Flat - 40in x 8ft with (3) 4x4 runners for support

  • Arched

  • WE - 5ft wide by 13ft long with 8in raised center


  • 8ft - Single cavalletti, noodle combination


  • 4ft Rope Gate with a pair of Standards

  • 5ft Rope Gate with a pair of Standards

  • 5ft Hinged Gates with Wings

  • 5ft Hinged Gate with Wings, Flower Boxes for support

Mail Box

  • 4ft Standard with Mail Box
$  75

Noodle Walk-Through




Teeter Totter


Pricing and Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

Pricing - Obstacles

Jumps Obstacles

Custom Wood ~ Jumps and Obstacles